Create a bootable usb from PureOS 2.0

I’ve PureOS 2.0 installed on my librem 13 and I want to create a bootable usb 1/with the downloaded current PureOS iso (currently PureOS 2.1) 2/with the latest Ubuntu image.

I don’t want to plug my usb stick to any other computer, as I want to keep trust on it. And I’ve only one trusted usb stick rigth now :wink:

I tried to use ‘dd if=<imagefile> of=/dev/<yourdevice> bs=1M’ but when booting, vmlinuz an initd.img are missing and I can’t copy them to the usb root filesystem as it is readable only (bootable).

Can you help me please ?

Have you tried followig instructions stated here:

I would love to have Gnome Disk installed on the PureOS 2.0 setup by Purism :wink:

And using Etcher I have errors.

1/ From the download folder :

root@localhost:/home/nicolas/Téléchargements# ./Etcher-linux-x64.AppImage /tmp/.mount_4NYeMo/usr/bin/etcher.wrapper /root/.cache/thumbnails/normal/0dcc28059ee02b68b8c372674fcb773f.png is missing. Please run ./bin//etcher.wrapper from within an AppImage. No protocol specified

2/ From /opt :

root@localhost:/opt# chmod a+x Etcher-linux-x64.AppImage root@localhost:/opt# ./Etcher-linux-x64.AppImage /tmp/.mount_q3ksRA/usr/bin/etcher.wrapper No protocol specified Unable to init server: Impossible de se connecter : Connexion refusée

(zenity:2343): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0
No protocol specified

Sorry, I’m using the 2.1 version. Can’t you install it? It should be available from our repo.

This could happen if you forgot to issue sync after dd completed.

Try the following:

dd bs=1M if=/path/to/PureOS-2.1.iso of=/dev/sdX && sync

The X here is your USB (for example /dev/sdc). Also make sure you checked md5 hash of downloaded PureOS image.

Thanks. While making use of dd with sync, at reboot on the usb stick, I still have the error of missing or corrupted vmlinuz and initd . The md5 hash of the iso I downloaded is good :S

I’m not sure what is going on there, but I’ve successfully managed to write PureOS iso image to my USB drive and boot from it:

% dd bs=4M if=/home/mladen/Preuzimanja/PureOS-2.1.iso of=/dev/sdd status=progress && sync 1887436800 bytes (1,9 GB, 1,8 GiB) copied, 392,9 s, 4,8 MB/s 450+0 записа у 450+0 записа ван 1887436800 bytes (1,9 GB, 1,8 GiB) copied, 392,92 s, 4,8 MB/s %

It took a while for the sync to finish. But after a reboot, it was just a matter of setting my BIOS to boot from the USB disk.

The link mentioned return error 404.
As I would like to create a bootable usb (UEFI) with my librem 14 (on PureOS), could you please tell me how to do it ?
I have read that an app like Etcher can do it, but cant find it on apps available for Purism. I’ve found app “MultiWriter” but not sure it is adapted.
So, if some one can tell me which app is adapted for that, it would be great !
Thank you (and if my english is not perfect, feel free to correct me, as I am french !)
And happy (and free !) new year to everybody !
Philippe (Reunion island)

use Gnome Disks, included with PureOS. Use Restore Image option, select ISO, done.


:+1: MrChromebox, thanks !
It was much easier than expected and worked well with Disks (“Disques” in french version) :pray:

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