Create a "live" usb/Install pureos to a usb?

I want to install this to a flash drive that I can then use on any computer to run PureOS from it without installing it. I don’t want to just “try it” I want it to be installed to the flash drive as a live usb drive. A good example of this is another linux distro “Tails”.

Hi Aaron!

There are some general guides on how to do this:

But I suggest you to wait for few days until PureOS 2.1 comes out. Some users complained about a bug in the installer, v2.1 should fix this:

Also, PureOS 3.0 will be hybrid/Live iso image, so you wont have to install it, but simply copy it on your flash drive.

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When will the fixed os be released? and is there a timetable on when 3.0 will be ready?

When will the fixed os be released?

In the next 24 hours.

and is there a timetable on when 3.0 will be ready?

End of September.

In case you guys missed it:

It’s October. Is there any update on this? I’d really like to try it but don’t have another computer to install this on. Seems like a lot of work if I have to copy my current image just to try an OS. Again, I’m really excited about this OS any updates would be appreciated.

It’s almost done, please be patient just a bit more.

It looks like it should be available now. Is the download link ready? I’m really looking forward to using this on one of my machines!

We discovered minor bug in image we produced today so we are now producing another one (it will be up in couple of hours). Devlog will appear at same time what it is and what not so everyone knows what to expect :slight_smile: