Create account on Purism

How can I create an account to purchase a computer from the purism website? I’m trying to do it on my phone.

I think you create an account during the purchase process, then you can log in to review your purchase. During another purchase you can login with the same account.
I think they use Woo Commerce and they don’t use a single sign on to link all their sites together. Probably for privacy.

Maybe wait for Monday for a staff member to reply.

You will also probably get a faster response if you email

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How did you create this forum account?

Their systems are not linked together, I have different passwords for their stall, their forum, and Librem One.


You need to add at least one product to the cart in order to create an account during checkout.

If that is correct (too long ago for me to remember) then this is evidently a usability issue.

i prefer it like that. 3 passwords for 3 accounts seems reasonable to me. this way we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. the forum is discourse-sw so it is open-source.

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