Creating an alias on desktop

Hi all,

I’m a newbie using Linux, just received my librem 13.
Can you please explain how to create an alias or a shortcut from a folder or document on the desktop.
I could not find something relevant on the web…


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It depends if you mean the desktop itself (which is hidden by default, showing only the wallpaper). If you really want to have a desktop with icons on it, you can install the GNOME “Tweak Tool” from the Software center, and enable the “Desktop -> Icons on desktop” hidden setting. Personally, I prefer to not enable this because icons on a desktop become a huge mess that hides the wallpaper, I prefer to just manage it with the “Files” application.

As for creating aliases/shortcuts to files and folders in general (whether you have icons on the desktop or not), you can do so fairly simply with the “Files” application. There are two possible ways to do this, the first one is to select the file/folder and hit Ctrl+Shift+M (and then rename/move the resulting alias).

The second method is more precise but trickier:

  1. With the mouse, click/double-tap and start dragging (but do not release the finger!) your source for the shortcut (i.e.: where the alias/shortcut will point to).
  2. When your mouse cursor/file is now positioned over where you would want the shortcut to be created (ex: some other folder, or even within the same folder), press and hold the “Alt” key on the keyboard.
  3. Release the mouse button (or finger on the toutchpad). A contextual menu will appear, asking to choose between Copy, Move and Link. You can choose to “Link here”.

The resulting shortcut can be renamed or moved wherever you want. These shortcuts are soft symbolic links. They are more powerful than the shortcuts most people are accustomed to in the Windows world, as they will work anywhere with any tool on the system (not just the Files app) after creation.

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I use the second method and works perfectly !!!
Thanks for the quick and well detailed reply :wink:

PS : trying the first method, I use the purim logo on the keyboard to access the ‘application’ screen, when i click on ‘software and update’ nothing i happening… any idea ?

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That is clearly a bug (that is better to report in the PureOS bug tracker :slight_smile: or as a separate discussion…). I reported it for you here: and I’ve been told the fix for this issue will be made available within the next few hours, as a software update you can apply normally.


It’s working perfectly now, thx
Problem solved.

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