Creating snapshots for Byzantium

I’m considering switching back to PureOS and giving Byzantium another go, but this time I would like to try creating system snapshots in case updates cause issues again.

I’ve never created snapshots before. I understand I can do so using btrfs or using a combination of Timeshift + ext4. Is one option better than the other? Does someone know a simple way to set this up?

if you have an external drive (SSD or HDD doesn’t matter) you could CLONE your entire root (/) + your /home if that’s what you want …

some linux distros (linux mint) come out-of-the-box with a nice wizzard that helps you to set this up immediately after you have finished installing. what i suggest is to install it in a VM first and try it out BEFORE you attempt it in your host OS.

  1. install a Virtual OS Manager
  2. grab a bootable .iso image file from the OFFICIAL web-site of the distribution
  3. install it as a guest OS INSIDE the VM
  4. boot into it
  5. take a snapshot of the distro from the VM itself
  6. now even if you screw something up in the guest OS you can revert back
  7. try to set up a snap-shot or back-up/whatever from INSIDE the guest OS but don’t touch the VM options itself
  8. after you know how to do it in the guest OS you can do it on ANY OS directly on bare-metal (host-OS)