Cura doesn't load even simple stl files, and has no log



i wanted to give cura a run, installed it through the packet manager, and got something running.
since i am in the process of assembling a 3D printer, i needed some calibration designs, that i downloaded from thingieverse…

there you have a small 50x50 turret to calibrate the printer…
its really just a 3D rectangle (name in english eludes me ) just to see if the head touches the bed…

well, the package installed cura can’t load it, fails with invalid file…
i wanted to look at the log to see what went wrong… no log…
so looks like some rights problem there, since a downloaded version of cura hadn’t that problem , (there the problem was different… i can start it from the files decompactor, but i don’t know how to install it…

so if anybody has a fix for this?

thanks in advance


Might run into that problem, too - as i’m assembling a printer myself, too. If something should come up, i’ll let you know - although it’ll probably take 2, 3, 4 more days before getting to it.


any news? still doesn’t work for me :frowning:


Didn’t like Cura. Directly moved on to Simplify3D (paid). Not perfect in all regards (but almost), but i like it quite a bit better than Cura.


Well, since my printer isn"t supported by Simplify3D and since i dont know how much energy i will be investing in 3D echnology, i would first test it out with cura :wink:

and the latest version works for me…
how about an update of the official pure os version?



Test it out. For the printer not being supported - no problem. Mine neither. But it works fine.

So far i can say, that for everyday work i prefer S3D. But i found at least one model where Cura does better.

Example: Look for the video - the vertical line between the different infills will be very obvious with S3D, but invisible with Cura.