Current $599 Librem 5

Thanks for that link. I actually bought a protector from them in 2019 when I was still going to buy a Librem 5. I still have that so I hope it fits. The spare battery appears to be the challenge after no response from Purism

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You doubt Purism are making money off the shipping? Are you serious? $170 to ship a screen protector? Yeh, ok.

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Could also be a website issue giving incorrect shipping for smaller items. I bought a live USB drive last month. Site tried to charge me $40 shipping for a single USB stick (inside USA). A quick email to support and they recalculated my cart for like $8 shipping.


That would be a logical thing to do except that Purism have not replied to two messages I sent, the first more than a week ago. Do they ever reply?

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I’ve always had a positive experience with support. They responded same day on March 29 (Friday) and had my order corrected by the following Monday.

I don’t know if it’s already been asked, but have you checked your spam folder to make sure you haven’t missed anything? I always communicate with support through a email.

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Thanks for that. No, nothing in spam. We used to subscribe to the Librem suite but found it too unreliable and they offered zero support then (this is a couple of years ago now).

I just want to get a spare battery really but the phone I’ve ordered appears to have left despite me emailing them immediately after purchase to ascertain the correct one to buy. I’m going to see if someone can at least give me the battery specs so I can get an aftermarket one.

How is someone expected to replace the battery if they won’t sell you one on its own? I’m still trying to get my head around that piece of the picture.

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@JCS Please read this thread

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I think Purism is still working through that issue to see whether there are any solutions. (Various solutions have been discussed in this forum but that’s just the public discussion.) The bottom line is that Purism is more than happy to sell you one on its own. It is the aviation industry that is unwilling to ship the battery.

Obviously in your case Purism was too efficient to get the phone out the door before you had a chance to order accessories and get them included in the order. So that’s “a no win situation” for Purism. :wink:

It would be great if the Purism web site badgered users who are ordering a phone to order a spare battery on the same order. Normally, that would look like unwelcome up-sell but in this case it is important.

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I actually don’t mind the upsell. With a mobile I’ll generally do the case, the screen protector and a spare battery if it can be replaced, etc. They upsold me a powepack with my L14 without a problem.

But there are identical, absolutely identical batteries on Aliexpress so that could be last resort if Purism don’t get it together.

But I still don’t understand why its such an issue when there are literally hundreds of sellers who ship these.

Doesn’t matter, I got the phone for a song so that’s got me excited.

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I’ve bought my fair share of tech stuff from some unknown rando shipping direct out of China or Hong Kong.

  • The reputable sellers probably know how to get it on a cargo plane with the right nightmare of documentation and at hopefully a reasonable price (may depend on shipping volume).
  • The disreputable sellers probably just mislabel.
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