Current $599 Librem 5

I have just ordered one of these phones, and it appears to have shipped within two days which is great.

I wanted to get a screen proctector and replacement battery, for which they have ‘Evergreen’ accessories in their shop. I have emailed Purism to see if my phone is ‘Evergreen’ or ‘Fir’, but in true Purism style, no answer.

I am assuming my phone is one of the ‘Fir’ batch. Would that be correct? Its irritating me that they won’t reply because I want to hunt up some accessories. Or are ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Fir’ the same body specs?

Does anyone have a link to things like screen protectors not on the Purism site?



No, Fir is not released yet.

Not applicable for Fir, although odds are it will share the same screen dimensions as the previous batches.

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Your will be Evergreen Rv1.0.6.1.
FIR not yet but will be a Delicious Design Plus Rv

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Thanks for the replies. I’m way out of the Librem 5 loop. I did order one ages ago but gave up and converted my money to a Librem 14 which has been brilliant. I’ll just order them direct now. Thanks again


Thank you for Support: Purism GNU GPL.

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Great, mark my post as a solution.

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Thanks for the links. A $10 screen protector with a shipping cost to Australia of $170 usd. Same with the battery. Is this ridiculous, or is it me? I would have ordered one with the phone but I wasn’t sure of the model, and I still haven’t heard back from them. So the phone has shipped and I still want a protector for the screen obviously.

I’ll message them again about this ridiculous freight charge and if I can’t find one I’ll see if some Stateside good Samaritan can help me out.

Hard work either way.


Sounds like it, but that may not be Purism’s fault. Once Purism responds back to you about Australian shipping costs and/or whether or not they can do anything about it, report back in this thread.

Thank you for the offer. Funnily enough, being the budding hoarder that I am I actually bought one in 2019 from a mob called Boxwave. Its for a Librem 5, but if it still applicable to this model remains to be seen. After I cancelled my Librem 5 (because I needed a phone and couldn’t wait) I actually tried to give this protector away on this forum. No one wanted it, so I kept it. It pays to hoard…if it fits.

But I would still like a spare battery so I’ll see what they say about some alternative reasonable shipping.


Shipping batteries internationally is difficult due to transportation regulations, so they cannot be shipped from Purism alone.

You can either order or return a laptop or phone to satisfy this requirement. Otherwise, you can risk purchasing batteries elsewhere.

I’m assuming that there is an alternative source for batteries?

So, if I’ve got this correct. The phone has a selling point of user replaceable battery. Unless you buy a spare at the time of purchase they won’t sell you another one unless it comes with a phone or laptop.

Why is it that I can buy batteries for laptops that come to Australia from China, the UK, the USA, but not from Purism?


My Librem 5 arrived in spring 2023 and included a screen protector along with the device. It had already been placed tightly onto the device in a nice way, and was done for me.

Then I ordered Librem 5 “Liberty Phone” version in fall 2023 for the bigger hard drive and RAM. This “Liberty Phone” arrived with screen protectors included, and I put one on. For that delivery, for some reason, it was different and the screen protector was not attached on during manufacturing. But I did not purchase them in the store; instead, this device simply shipped with 1 protector included along with it. So, for what it’s worth, the screen protectors on the store are probably only strictly for replacements.

It also came with earbuds, a wall charger, and switching connectors for the wall charger so that it can change from United States plugs into two other styles of plugs from other countries, which I looked up one time and got the impression it was probably EU and Australia, although I’m uncertain.

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The International Air Transport Association says: IATA - What to Know About How to Ship Lithium Batteries?

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Yes. They can be shipped. Ebay is full of sellers shipping them.

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Not officially.

I bet it is this quote from the IATA website:

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Well whatever the legalese, all, I know is that I can order replacement lithium batteries for my Dell and Lenovo laptops. I’ve had them arrive in padded post bags, nothing special, from China and the UK.

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It certainly makes it impractical. Exactly where the blame lies I don’t know. I doubt Purism is making some ridiculous markup on the transport cost.

Bottom line: Make sure everything is shipped together.

There are companies that will do that for you. Whether it is much cheaper would require investigation.

That won’t address the Lithium battery issue though.

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What source do you have for this? I havent seen anything official from Purism on Fir beyond it being a “future device”.