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I am just checking, my Librem 13 is still running kernel 4.19.0-21amd64 and my Librem 5 is running 5.18.0-1-librem5.
I know the phone is on rolling release and laptop is on stable, but it the stable release still way back on 4.19 kernel?

PureOS 10 is based on Debian 10, which runs kernel 4.19. This is a long-term support kernel, so unless you want some new features you should be fine with that.


No, PureOS 10 is not based on Debian 10.

@MrChromebox: “PureOS 10 is based on Debian Bullseye, which was of course Debian testing until it graduated to stable.”

Debian 11 is Debian Bullseye.

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Have you upgraded to PureOS 10 (code name “Byzantium”)?

Thank you for the correction. It seems I was wrong. In this case, the OP is probably running PureOS 9 and should upgrade to PureOS 10.