Current L5 Idle Battery Life

Ok, I reset the L5 and repeated all of the measurements. I get a maximum runtime of 6 hours. :sob:

I wish it was more but that’s the way it is

Is that with modem on and WiFi on? If so, 2.4GHz or 5GHz network? Also, do you have an SD card with a lot of files inside?

All on, display off, WiFi @5Ghz a SD-Card with normal usage (some music files ~200) - in my opinion a normal usage :slight_smile:

Next I will look for the power guzzlers / resource guzzlers - let us see what comes up there.

It is also possible that my battery has lost capacity.

Try with a 2.4GHz network - the Redpine card seems to be very power hungry on 5GHz for some reason :confused:

I asked about SD card as there could be indexing going on in the background (and SD card access wakes the USB hub up which also eats some power) - it’s good to check it with tracker status.


Okay, so…this phone still barely makes it through an average business day, and the primary hope is to get suspend working? Do I understand correctly that this would be like any usual PC’s suspend, i.e. the phone is doing nothing during that time? Or is it only certain hardware that gets suspended?

How can it be that the battery lifetime is that bad, and other modern smartphones (or even old smartphones) manage to run for more than a week with batteries significantly smaller than the Librem 5 has? I don’t get it.

This is currently one of the issues that concerns me the post with this phone. If I leave the house in the morning and can’t be sure it is still running when I get home, it is not very useful to me. Then I see blog posts that announce a 33% increase in battery life, while the improvement should actually be closer to a 10-fold increase. You can understand that does not inspire confidence.

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Probably not.

What this will basically do is what your current phone does when the screen is off.
This phone is fully awake, although more and more sub-systems are in power-save mode when not needed, which already increased battery life over the course of development.

The final expected thing is that basically everything, including CPU, can sleep, except for maybe the modem, so it can wake up the phone on incoming calls, and maybe something that could react to a timer.
It’s not a crazy concept, it’s what your current phone does to achieve the battery life that it has. So will this.


The battery life issues on Librem 5 It is because L5 it using special security/pricacy/Libre Chipsets this chipsets are not optimized for phones, so Purism it doing all this huge work by optimizing these chipsets to phone, Battery life on L5 will be good on time.

Big companies like Qualcomm they create chipset(SoC) for phone very optimized(Big battery life) but this SoCs NOT for security or privacy either freedom to end user.



Even the modem could go into a sleep / lower-power state provided that it can wake up on incoming call, and then wake up the CPU - and provided that everything can wake up fast enough to take the call in time.

However we are all speculating and this is a low level area where there is no substitute for detailed internals and kernel knowledge.


Battery life continues to be really poor on my Librem5 with Byzantium. This morning I used the kill switches to turn off both mobile and wifi/BT. Left phone at home with battery at 90% and went for a walk of no more than one hour. Coming back, the battery was at 78%. After another hour with all kill switches on, the battery was at 66%.

i.e. no difference in battery drainage with or without kill switches on. Is that normal? Also sounds like many users are experiencing about 10% hourly drain when idle, my L5 is obviously doing worse than that.

On the same topic, phone gets very hot when connected to mobile data (or attempting to connect) and battery drainage can be as much as 20% per hour when that happens. This are real life situations when I have left the house and data should switch from wifi to mobile data and the phone left idle in a bag or pocket for a few hours.

Exactly. Even with most of the hardware switched off the thing barely runs half a day. The kill switches are supposed to physically power off the corresponding device, am I right? So what’s left then, the display is switched off, which leaves the CPU. I’m no expert, but somehow I am having trouble believing that switching the CPU from Idle into some low-power state will decrease power draw by a factor 10.

Let’s hope it will, and does so before it actually ships.

So what you’re saying is, they chose the wrong hardware to do the job?

Honestly, I don’t know how many Librem 5 customers really care to have an open-source modem in their phone. I know I don’t. Maybe Purism should have offered an all-open-source/private/libre/whatever version of the phone for a premium price for the paranoid, a bit like the Librem 5 USA, and just make the Librem 5 a working smartphone with an open operating system and app ecosystem.

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No, that’s not what @carlosgonz is saying.

It means that they prioritised security, privacy and openness as more important than, say, performance or power consumption.

As it happens, it isn’t.


I do! :slight_smile:


Another observation. 4 hours, from about 90% to 30%, all killl switches to off most of the time. We are talking about 15% drain per hour, idle with every switch off. Not good.

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The display was ON all time? Librem 5 already has a WIP inactive mode when the display is OFF.

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The display was off all the time.

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@dos Do you think we can improve the Inactive mode on L5 when Lockdown mode is ON like lowering more the clock of CPU.?

Edit: i am not tested this behavior yet. I scared the battery consumption time of the L5 with the power bank of 4500.00

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