Current release version, plans and strategy for Librem Social

I use Librem Social daily, ie the Librem fork/variant of Mastodon. I hear very little (is there a specific Librem Social Admin account I should follow?) about that Librem Social has upgraded to a new release, its content and so on. I cannot actually really find information which is the release number and release date? And how that correspond to Mastodon release number? I also wonder what is the plan, roadmap, and strategy for development of Librem social? Maybe I simply look at wrong places, then give me a hint where I find the information. beacuse I hear so little about it, I have some fear that development is not ongoing and we at the Librem Social instance cannot take advantage of current very active development by Mastodon. Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me!

I, too, am wondering when the Librem Mastodon instance will be updated, but I didn’t think it’s a fork. I see the following at the bottom of the left pane when I’m logged in:

Mastodon is open source software. You can contribute or report issues on GitHub at tootsuite/mastodon (v3.1.1)

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  1. Yes, now I see the text and link! So, it is basically Mastodon release 3.1.1 and latest Mastodon is 4.2.
  2. The Wikipedia page for Mastodon describes Librem Social as a fork, under the fork chapter:
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