Current version info on the Librem 15

I’ve been looking through past reviews, and I’m aware that some are long out-dated. But even the most recent I’ve found date back to August of 2017. As I understand it, some things have changed since then. So…

To confirm, is the current shipping version of the 15 operating fully with coreboot, and not by means of a BIOS?

And is the current chip version the Skylake, or the newer Kaby Lake?


Hi. Unless I’m exceedingly mistaken, chip remains Skylake. Others closer to solving the problem of “freeing the hardware” can clarify as needed, but each architecture has to be considered separately. It’s a “start from scratch” effort. So for the time being, Skylake it will be.

I ran the script to get to 4.7. Per

… our coreboot port and the potential to have a neutralized Intel Management Engine … now also available factory-installed starting for all new Librem laptop models since summer 2017

Again, others can correct, clarify, and amplify as needed.

My understanding is that all Librems are being sold with Coreboot pre-installed now. And as @clark said, the process of removing the Intel Management Engine is specific to each chip and takes a lot of effort. If you haven’t seen this blog post yet, I’d recommend at least skimming it to see the level of effort required to reverse-engineer what’s going on in these chips. Starting all that from scratch is a hard sell.

I don’t think the hardware on the Librem 15 has changed much recently, and based on some other posts, I wouldn’t expect it to until 2019 at the earliest. And even then, it might not be a newer CPU, but things like extra RAM or ports and things.