Custom ringtone no longer works

I had followed these instructions to setup a custom ringtone awhile back on my librem 5 and now it no longer works.

I had assumed that the profile got unset somehow, and set the profile to default then librem again, but it still doesn’t work. I figured an update broke it… Anyone else have this?

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Are you using byzantium? I have noticed that custom sound from librem5 theme isn’t used by Chatty anymore there - so there may be some bug or some missing configuration in byzantium, but haven’t looked closer at it yet. It should still work as it used to on amber-phone though.

Yeah, this is running byzantium. Started noticing it a couple weeks ago and finally got bugged enough by it to report it

I’ll note that this also effects the ringtone, alarm sound, and text message received sounds (I changed those three).

This works again after today’s update

yes, this was bug in feedbackd that affected both he calls app and chatty. Basically it defaulted to the freedesktop ringtone instead of the ringtones of the Librem 5.

The bug was fixed and rolled out.