Custom sound effects

I have lots of custom alarms and noises on my phone. Will I be able to set them up on the 5? Also, gnome seems somewhat sound-deficient in its themes. Is there a way to add triggers for sounds, e.g., incoming mail, app launch, etc.?

Just wondering…


If I may add to @Gunnar s great question that I also wonder about (currently playing bowie’s panic in detroit for my ring :slight_smile: ); Specifically, where will sound files be stored (/home, /music /etc, etc. ?) Also how will the system bell (i.e. \a in python) be handled…actually all I really want to know about that is if “system bell” will work somehow ?

From Librem 5 to L5 to 5. what’s next ?

i remember a really funny incoming mail sound effect for Incredimail 2 decades ago … it sounded like this : “Mail MuthaFuka !” in a short, snappy and grave tone … really loved that one :rofl:

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Sound from the movie Eurotrip

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I know this is a late response but I thought I would say it seems all sounds are under the /usr/share/sounds tree and I easily used audacity convert sounds from other sources and then replace the defaults with a new file by the same name which worked all across the phone (I of course backed up the defaults with rsync) … was simple enough

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