Customer Service Tale

So, just wanted to give a word on my recent/ongoing customer service story that began with my laptops hinge coming up broken outta nowhere.

The short summary:

We talked by email and I was asked for photos of the issue and was told I could send it in for a repair.

There has been an extended issue with Fedex on first getting it shipped and then it being not correctly delivering to Purism and then it refusing to let me have it rerouted to me.

Purism is still trying to get FedEx sorted and the laptop back to them where it should’ve gone. On last update today, at this point this has been a lost in the system issue for about a month and a half, Purism let me know they’re going to send me a replacement.

I’ve been very pleased with their customer service during this and past questions. I’ve always found them courteous and friendly and aiming to be helpful.

Just wanted to follow up with a bit of a rave; A lot of companies blow you off or actively act like a customer is the problem rather than trying to solve a problem.


i think that WHEN the customer is not the problem things get sorted out rather smoothly.

my experience with purism in this regard was “without a hinge”

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My librem 13 was lost bei DHL about 25 Kilometers from my home. DHL acted terrible and was not able to deliver my librem. I was very surprised and very glad, when Purism got me another one.


I got a real nice customer service experience too. Thanks you for being awesome Purism


I am facing problems with FedEx too! They are refusing to pick up the return shipment, citing “export policy” restrictions on the value of the shipment. I am “FedUp” explaining to them that a “Return” is not an “Export”, however, they persist in consulting with their “Export Clearance Team”. Unfortunately, FedEx is probably the best that you can get.

Purism has always been stellar though. Very prompt and helpful.