Date in Settings Panel does not update until a minute after midnight (00:01)

Just to eliminate confusion, I am referring to the date shown at the top of the display after swiping down from the top of the device, which also reveals the quick settings and notifications.

I noticed this a whie ago and just remembered to point it out here. So when the clock strikes midnight, the Settings Panel does not update to show the new day of the week and day of the month. It updates at precisely one minute after midnight (00:01).

Interestingly, the Lock Screen behaves slightly differently. When testing this out the other day, I noticed that the Lock Screen also did not update. I unlocked the Librem 5, re-locked it, and then woke it again to reveal the Lock Screen, and the date had been updated (while the Settings Panel continued to show the wrong date until 00:01).

I guess I’m the first person to notice this, so I thought I should report it here.

Thank you @dos, @dcz, and all the other developers for all your work.


Sounds like a difference in parsing between > 0 and >= 0

Although I’d think microseconds (or even just seconds) would also be part of the evaluation.