Debian 11 nonfree iso won't install on Librem14

I attempted to install Debian 11, using a live iso. Attempting the graphical installation fails, as it states “undefined video mode number: 314” Seeing video models available finds nothing, while pushing space to continue simply leads to a freeze. The text-based install also fails, simply freezing. I can enter the live environment and see a graphical desktop (Mate) and attempt an install. At first this works; however, it ends in failure with a message comparable to this: “grub-pc has no installation candidate.” Given that I’ve wiped my hard drive, attempting to boot from the hard disk leads to the error “file `grub/i386-pc/normal.mod’ not found. Entering pc rescue mode” .

I found someone on Reddit has an identical issue, but sadly no one has answered their question.

Thank you for your help!


UPDATE: I figured a simple method to bypass this problem:

In the non-graphical install, using the standard iso, the “undefined video mode number: 314” isn’t fatal; select “8” from the list of options. The screen will be only partially filled, but this doesn’t have an impact on the final install itself (e.g. the desktop takes up the entire monitor). Follow the prompts as per usual; GRUB is installed in the non-graphical install mode, so this is not an issue.