Debian Partionning and DualBoot


Newbie with Linux, I’ve been reading information about partitioning and dual boot.
For example let’s say I would be able to have PureOs and Mint on the librem.
Using the installation guide of PureOs (

1/first problem : I’m not able to create encrypted volume for “/” and “/home”

if I choose the non encryption option the installation is proceeded well.

2/ then using Gparted it only shows /dev/sda5, a single partition with everything on it…

I don’t understand how to be able to make :

  • boot partition,
  • linuxswap partition,
  • / partition (with PureOs)
  • / partition (with Mint Os)
  • /home with all my files (so I don’t to erase the entire disk to install a new system for example - as now, it is always showing a single partition as explained above)

and the all thing being LVM encrypted ?

Can you help me please ?

Thanks a lot