Debian repository is very slow?


Hey all,

I just received my new 13" Librem. So far it’s great, barring a few software issues. One of the first issues I noticed is that the appears to be very slow. I am getting a maximum of 150kb/s. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated - I’m trying to install Java and I’m afraid I may have to wait 'till February.



Looks fine here, download is fast. Perhaps this was just a temporary issue, please try again now.


likewise I feel like the repo access is really slow. installing a few hundred megabytes take 10 minutes to download.


I have not yet seen faster downloads than 215 kB/s. that is really slow. I just got this last week. is there a mirror I should be switching to or something?


Hi. Try switching to the nearest mirror from this list:


I’m sorry. perhaps I posted to the wrong topic. I’m using PureOS so switching to debian mirrors would change the OS would it not? i thought the term in the original post mean the pureOS repos which are based on debian/ubuntu.

#7 green/main amd64

is the repo that see when it is being slow