Debian testing/bookworm packages in pureos?

[update: thanks to joao.azevedo for pointing out that i had the wrong correspondence between debian version numbers and debian version codenames. see his reply for the correct info.]

am i correct in thinking that pureos x where x is 9 or 10 tracks debian x? so pureos 9 a.k.a. pureos amber tracks debian 9 a.k.a. debian stretch? and pureos 10 a.k.a. pureos byzantium tracks debian 10 a.k.a. debian buster?

if my understanding is correct, here is my big question: when will there be a pureos 11 a.k.a. pureos c**** (maybe carthage?) which tracks debian 11 a.k.a debian bullseye?

is this planned any time this year?

long live free software!

PureOS 9: Amber tracked Debian 10 Buster.
PureOS 10: Byzantium tracks Debian 11 Bullseye

Debian Testing (Bookworm) will be Debian 12 when released as stable.

I cannot say that, maybe others can answer that question.