Debian testing repos in PureOS

Is it dangerous to add the debian testig repos to PureOs? I want to do this, because only a few updates from testing reach PureOs. Especially the Plasma/KDE-updates. I am using Plasma/KDE as my desktop.

Yes it is dangerous, this is not something you should do as you could end up with a broken, unusable system.

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Then I will not do it and keep hoping, that the testing packets will come quicker to pureOs especially the plasma/kde packets.

I just want to preface to clarify: yes I understand this is a huge necrobump, but there’s no better place it belongs and it’s relevant to Debian testing.

What do you recommend for isolated cases, such as being stuck on older versions of software that Debian is known for in its stable repo?

Some users of the Librem 14 want to use more updated software (e.g. Firefox, OBS Studio, etc) while also taking advantage of the repos Purism has supplied, at least for supporting the device itself. Some of this software needs to be newer versions to use compatible services or plugins, like SMTube and its YouTube browser.

I understand this is mostly a Debian issue (and is thus subject to their package reviewing and staging processes), but some of us have contemplated switching to the testing repo so we can use newer software without being required to compile it.

My last Linux was Gentoo, so I’m no stranger to the command line or a development environment. My main concern with the switch is: would switching to testing lose any compatibility with Purism packages? I understand if Purism won’t support that configuration of software via human resources (I don’t expect support for software unless it’s firmware), but is it safe enough for someone who’s savvy?

Thanks for reading.

What you are looking at, for some more advanced package(s) (within stable distro), in order to get necessary (latest) dependencies, is provided within sid main (you know that already, but as we need to stay focused on installing one particular package, I cannot skip what needs to stay within frame of logical thinking, what achievable and what not). For example, approach to install Librewolf changed slightly while its official repo exists as well, some other repositories available too, but, to install (just remember not to use upgrade in such case, never ever) librewolf_108.0-2_amd64.deb you might reuse this reliable guide: Making Wi-Fi 6 AX201 work in PureOS.

Hope that above helps, it is your turn now (as requested), especially if @mladen do not mind (as this install approach/guide belongs to your local PureOS system, the one that you want to preserve control of).

@zlg, there exists another package(s) for which the very same rules on how to apply them … please check your PM, but before you open it please check this, up to your question closely related, post: Fully Free PureOS Alternatives With Newer Software. Thanks for asking, as current Debian “options” provide all necessary, up to your precise question related, I’m quite sure!