Decentralized communication

The comparisation table between L5 / iOS / Android speaks about decentralized communication. I search the forum for this but could not find any final implementation notes, only ideas or pointers. How is this now implemented?

With Matrix:

Matrix is an open source project that publishes the
Matrix open standard for secure, decentralised, real-time communication

I run Dendrite ( at home, and currently prefer Element ( as client.

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Purism’s Julian Sparber is doing a lot of work on the matrix-rust-sdk and its client, Fractal-next, so we will have good distributed Matrix communication with end-to-end-encryption. To follow his work, see Julian’s blog.


See also:

Credit where credit’s due, Julian is doing that separately from Purism. But we support him spiritually :slight_smile:


Why matrix and not xmpp?

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I was asking myself - and here - the same thing about four years before… here are some responses, from the project lead:

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Both matrix and xmpp works right now (nheko and Dino I use). Additionally SIP also works.