Default thermal paste in Librem 15

What is the default thermal paste used in Librem 15? Does it make sense to change it to something better?

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Also, can I use thermal paste that containing aluminum? Are there SMD capacitors around the chips?

I can use thermal paste that containing aluminium. There no SMD capators arout the chip.

The photo shows a new thermal paste - DEEPCOOL Z9. I use this thermal paste because my friend have unnecessary one. Standard thermal paste is applied in a thick layer. I didn’t notice her obvious flaws.

Also I want to consult with knowledgeable people, is it possible to put the GPU in the free space?

my testing on all cpus and gpus that i’ve replaced the default thermal paste with a Noctua based nht1 or nht2(this is new) suggests a few degrees less in all use cases - iddle - middle - high load scenarios. it’s definately something to get into the habbit of. it doesn’t matter if it’s mobile/laptop/desktop/workstation/server - if applied correctly it usually means better results. your personal mileage may vary.

it’s definately a good idea to use a quality non electrically conductive thermal paste and clean the surface thoroughly before applying new material.

to much or too little definately influences the results you get. a little common sense goes a long way.