Degoogled Phones

I don’t have a Reddit account and so I cannot see all of the comments.

Nor do I but I managed to see the comments. The behavior was part and parcel of what I saw when I was trying to decide upon using GrapheneOS. It is worth quoting below (as a screen shot). His behavior doesn’t mean that GrapheneOS is bad, but it does mean that it requires a special type of collaborator who, in my experience, is rare. So I would argue development is slower than it would be if he were less, let us say, combative. I also asked myself, given the options that I have, do I want to depend upon someone like this; my answer was ‘no’.

Must be nice. It wanted me to log in.

It actually isn’t. GrapheneOS has a solid development team.

I didn’t suggest that it was not, I just suggested that personality type required is more rare than that needed to work with someone who is less combative.

You may not have suggested that, but “So I would argue development is slower than it would be if he were less, let us say, combative” can be read as that you were implying it.

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In my opinion, installing an AOSP-derivative (CalyxOS, GrapheneOS, /e/, LineageOS, etc) and only using software from the F-Droid repo is the best option for most people. I found that I didn’t need to install microG, since I avoid using most of Google services/apps, but it is a good option for people who can’t live without them.

However, people say that SailfishOS is very functional, so another option is to buy an Xperia X, XA2 or 10 and install it or buy it preinstalled from (if you live in Europe). If it doesn’t work out, you can always install LineageOS on the Xperia.

@amosbatto, I believe that should be jolla-devices. This doesn’t appear to be run by Jolla themselves, is that correct?

It could be, but now that I have clarified it, it does not (which is why I responded to your comment).

Thanks. I fixed the link in my previous post. I can’t find any info about who runs Jolla-Devices, but considering that it sells phones with Sailfish OS, Meego and GrapheneOS preinstalled, I’m guessing that it has nothing to do with Jolla Ltd, which would only be interested in promoting Sailfish OS devices.

It is convenient to have a sellers like Rob Braxman in the US and Jolla-Devices and in Europe that will sell phones with an alternative OS preinstalled for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle. Considering how many mistakes I made when I got started, it is probably worth paying the markup that they charge for most people who aren’t technical.


A trick I learned on is to change the www to old on reddit links.


Yes, but not to forget existence (great work in progress) of the currently available ShiftOS 3.2 L (Light BETA Version from 20210415), available to SHIFT6mq owners (as I know someone with it) through OTA update. Other applicable degoogled OTA updates (from 20201126) are related to SHIFT5me and SHIFT6m (within Europe only, I think but not sure).

Could you tell us a bit more about it (maybe in a separate thread)? Thanks!

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I’ll put in another plug for /e/ and their degoogled LineageOS fork. I’ve had /e/ on my main driver, a Moto G4 Play (harpia) since June 2019, and it works well. They are currently selling pre-installed /e/ on refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ phones for the US market for $380/$430 (at the above-mentioned I have had zero problems using /e/, it’s very clean and bare-bones. Installing it on the harpia was a typically fraught process, though if you’re interested in a phone as old as the harpia, I could probably talk you through it.
@codenomad and @nimji, I was able to get Outlook mail working on /e/ using Librem Mail’s Android app, and was able to get Outlook calendar support working with a combination of DAVx5 on my phone and the open source CalDav Synchronizer plugin for Outlook on my work computer.

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Here is direct link to ShiftOS Beta Versionen, for German-speaking language users (mainly), but the user needs to be registered as tester (perhaps as actual owner, but not sure anymore if this is a prerequisite). Current ShiftOS L comes with only few Apps (like F-Droid and Firefox Klar) preinstalled, but I need to say that the Kamera App is already extraordinary.

Registered users might read (and be actively involved) within ShiftPhones Forum is that focus of this (testing one) ShiftOS L BETA Version lies on:
– Acoustic Echo Cancellation
– LTE Crashes
– WLan Crashes
– Bluetooth Aussetzern

And of course that “manuelle” installation for DAS #LOVEPHONE axolotl Android 10 smartphone is regular option as well. What I can say about it: SHIFT6mq is fully functional degoogled Android 10 smartphone. And for those (that I know off) that cannot live without WhatsApp: it works out-of-the simple manual add-on installation, as standalone application.

@eNZymOrTHe please feel free (judge how important it is to be created here, although important in many aspects) to create new Thread, if justified (as I’m not finding enough courage to do this, not at the moment).

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Anyone who is thinking about official versions of SailfishOS with support for Android apps should avoid the Xperia X: the Android app support is only at 4.4 so very few current apps now run on it. The XA2 or 10 is a better bet, and it looks likely that 10 II will be the next device with official support. Community builds (without Android app support) are available for several other devices - places to look for more info include XDA Developers and the SFOS forum on

I am using an Xperia X, and the situation with Android app support is the reason why I have a backup phone running /e/. I’m reluctant to buy another phone when I’m waiting for the L5. I find the performance of most SFOS apps on the Xperia X to be good: it certainly doesn’t feel like an obsolete model to me.

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So I currently use Cricket Wireless, which I think uses the AT&T network, and I see this on many of the Braxman degoogled phones…

“Compatible with GSM/CDMA and International use (i.e. works also with Verizon)”

So I can just pop the sim out of my spyphone and put it in a degoogled Pixel 4XL and be good?

I would assume yes, I got a Ting sim, dropped it in and it worked perfectly.

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I use a similar AT&T MVNO, and they made me get a new SIM. I don’t think it had anything to do with it being a degoogled phone, though, I think their network affiliates the SIM and the phone in some way that causes problems when you swap the SIM. Don’t know if that’s the case for all MVNOs, though.

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