Deleting an e-mail account from Geary

Can anyone tell me how to delete an e-mail account from Geary on the Librem 5? I have a non-functioning e-mail account (alongside some working ones) and I can’t find an option to delete it.

Remove geary, reinstall, and only add the emails you still got?

I realize that’s the big hammer but sometimes that’s whatcha gotta do.

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hamburger menu / Accounts / select the account and you’ll get to the red button named “Remove account”

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Thanks. There’s no “Remove account” button for this account, though there is for some others. I think it’s because it’s a Microsoft account which was set up in the “Online accounts” section of “Settings”. I wanted to remove it because it wasn’t working.

I tried removing the Microsoft account from there and adding it again - this more or less worked, but Geary now lists two Microsoft accounts, one of which has a warning triangle against it. However, there is just one mailbox for the Microsoft account, and it works, so it’s basically OK. The spurious entry in the Geary accounts list doesn’t seem to be doing any harm.

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you can try to clean up geary by removing the right .config/geary/account_xx directory.

I will “force quit” geary first, from Usage app.

For me, to restart geary I have to launch it one time ( it will show an empty window but it will start the baackground service to watch accounts), close the app window, and a second time will show the accounts.