Delivered software Install issues

Hi -

Just got my Librem 15 v4 laptop. I’ve had 3 different attempts at software installation fail, with the progress bar freezing without finishing, despite a long wait. One was a client s/w for my VPN, the other two were from the software library that came with the machine:

eddie (vpn) - froze at 16%
Eric (python ide) - froze at 16%
Getting Things GNOME! - 77%

What’s going on?


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Aye, have you tried sending them an email:

Also, do you have a second device to send screenshots?

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Did you do a full system upgrade before starting anything else?

I had major lockup issues straight away because I didn’t do this. This didn’t eliminate all of the issues, but it did bring a lot of stability.

Also, I’ve found that large updates through the terminal can sometimes freeze up. I’ve some luck with avoiding that issue by using the Package Updater GUI application.

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No. It wouldn’t have occurred to me this is necessary on a brand new machine.

I wasn’t doing large updates through the terminal. I was using the ‘Install’ button after clicking an icon in the ‘Software’ group.

I get that logic, with it being brand new and all. I’m pretty sure they flash the most recent build on the machines before shipping, rather than doing that and running installs.

I’d be interested to know if you make any progress by running system updates before installing anything else.

I am more interested about what apt was telling you.

You tried to install sth, probably with apt right? And, guy, you are a developer, show us the log, console output, or sth plz.

PureOS is a rolling-release, there are updates every day, plus, the first time you start Software Center, it has to pull package information.

Also, we use known stable ISO image point releases which can up to a month old.


This is resolved. The update process was unexpectedly arduous, but Mladen provided the necessary email support.

Edit - The solution ended up imposing other and bigger problems. Still working on it.


Hi There, I have the same problem. Tried to install Audio&video software, but it hangs on different percentages, every tim e I tried it?

Hmm, sorry to jump in but this makes me wonder if my set up is wrong. I haven’t seen any updates in a while.

$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
deb green main
deb green main

You may want to contact them directly via email. The update solution led to other and bigger issues.

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Your setup is not wrong. There has been a period of stabilization during the Debian freeze and now that Debian (our upstream) has released Buster, we’re examining the best solution for PureOS going forward.

Do people in this thread want a rolling release (that is to say a more unstable release with newer packages) or a stable release (fewer updates and updates delivered based on major bug fixes and security issues.)

Let me know.


is it too much to ask for both ? a roling release for people who are confortable “sitting” on the bleeding-edge and a “stable” release like every 6 months or so with (popular software like Emacs/Vim/Blender/VLC/GIMP/Darktable/LibreOffice/qBittorrent/etc on the latest version) - not stable as in Debian “stable” - that’s probably only good for servers.

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stable release, by a mile. i want a machine i can use, not one i have to debug on a regular basis.

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Both. That is to say I’d like to keep the Buster equivalent AND its successor. Maybe Green and Yellow? With Green always being the current stable and Yellow being the Testing.

I don’t know how feasible this is but it’s my vote.

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I prefer a stable version. I am a new user on Linux. But does that mean I can not add software, because it keeps on hanging? That is also unworkable.

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Ah! That makes a lot of sense now, thanks!

I’ve been pretty happy with how things have gone so far, with the rolling release. But if the overall consensus is on a stable release, I can adjust and just switch to source / alternate repo installs for things I “need” more recent versions of.

I’m sure it’s a fun balance for Purism. You need a stable system so users don’t complain about that, but you need newer releases because people will complain about that too. :smiley:

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No, it doesn’t mean you can’t add software. It just means that the updates that come into the system will happen less frequently.

I don’t mind that, as long as it will be save? I do not need the latest versions. It will come when Debian will be stable, I geuss?

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