Delivery estimates

What’s the usual delivery time to Australia without the anti-interdiction service :slight_smile:

Anyone taken delivery from down under can share there experience :slight_smile:

I see at least one here: Estimate your Librem 14 shipping (No mention of anti-interdiction, though.)

P.S. G’day! :slightly_smiling_face:

What product specifically?

Librem 14 64GB ram 512 nvmepro pureboot bundle (+$89) 3 years warranty

On 2 February the lead time for L14 was 10 days, you can read at the bottom of this article:

Librem key had the same lead time, so for the PureBoot bundle there should not be a delay.
Warranty option is not influencing delivery, about RAM and storage I do not know, but I suppose they are not a problem.
Last week a new article explained that they got a so huge stock of L14 that they lowered the price, so there should not be shipping problems at all:

People may interpret that term in different ways. I don’t know what Purism means by it but perhaps it means “the delay that is attributable to them” i.e. delay between order and despatch. Once Purism has despatched the item, things are no longer within their control but there are the obvious delays in getting out of the US, flying through the air, tied up in Customs in the receiving country, paying any applicable import tax, getting from Customs to the customer.

I assume also that that is “business days”, but without evidence to back that up.

I would also assume that there would be an element of “underpromise, overdeliver” in that lead time. Hence they aim to ensure that almost all the time they do not exceed the lead time but some of the time they will beat the lead time, possibly despatching “early” by many days.

This may not be relevant to the Librem 14, but for my Librem 5, I received the “ready for shipping” email, and 5 calendar days later I had the device in my possession (in Australia).

So, to the original question, with a good tail wind :wink: … 3 weeks in total?

In some cases, L14s are being sent (for valid reasons) via USPS rather than DHL. USPS has suspended deliveries to a long list of countries due to covid issues, AUS included, and this has injected significant delays into delivery times (as in months). My xmas cards have started to arrive though so maybe my L14 won’t be too far behind!