Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

Date Ordered: August 15, 2020
Address Confirmation Email: May 18, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation: May 18, 2021
Shipping Notification: June 17, 2021


Ordered - 17 May 2021
Status - Awaiting Shipment

2021, right??

Sorry, yes 2021 (I updated the post)

Ordered: 29 November, 2020
Status: Awaiting Shipment

I ordered my Librem 14 on 18/09/2020.
Address confirmation on 01/06/2021.

I then added the PureBoot Bundle to my order by replying back and once I paid I got a confirmation on the 2nd with the updated order receipt on the 3rd. They said this will not affect my place in the queue.

I got a shipping number on 18/06/2021 with DHL Express delivery estimate to Australia being on 30/06/2021.

Just in time. I’ll arrive back home a few days before.


What hardware config did you order? Just curious because I ordered mine on September 6, 2020 and am still waiting on my shipping notification.

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My L14 config is; 14-cell battery, 1x16GB memory, 500GB NVMe storage, US plug, wireless card, and PureBoot Bundle.

I think the FIFO order is disrupted because the assembly team will work in batches. Let’s say 30 laptops each batch. They’ll get the next 30 orders in the purchase order, then they may group similar orders. But I think once they are assembled they are placed on the finished trolley (8 each trolley) and wheeled to the next stage (I.e. testing) where the next person or team will pick a random laptop to work on. Trolleys could pile up at a stage so the trolleys are also out of order. By the time the delivery notices are filed in, the 30 orders are no longer in order.

Or maybe (from the 30 laptop batch) they want to do the librem key bundles first to get them out of the way. Either way, I think you should get an email next week.

It seems like quite a big disruption, because I don’t have any new information.

Hardware config? Maybe there’s a problem component of, like @dean said, maybe they’re prioritizing all the key bundles? More info is always better.

Keyboard: Librem 14 v1 base - English (US)
Memory: Memory (dual slot) - 8GB (1x8GB)
Storage (M.2 SSD): Storage M.2 - 250GB (SATA)
Storage 2 (M.2 SSD): Storage 2 M.2 - None
Power Adapter: Power Adapter - EU
Wireless: Wireless - Included
Firmware: Firmware - Default (coreboot + SeaBIOS)
Privacy Screen
4 cell battery

Shipping to EU

I got address email confirmation the same day, so I imagine you are close to shipping as well? I don’t know if anything additional has to be done or arranged for shipping outside of the US?

@Honza and @Bass20, if your address confirmation email was in May, maybe email support about your order.

Hello to everyone,
So, after the confirmation email, we will have to wait about a month to receive the shipping email?

Ordered: August 6th 2020
Address confirmation email: May 18th
Tracking code: June 21st


Mine already shipped, I was only pointing out that since we had address confirmation on the same day that his was likely to ship soon as well, and apparently he got confirmation today.
Sorry my bad, I wasn’t clear.
FYI I should have mine tomorrow if FedEx info is correct.


Seems that way from the responses on here, 4-5 weeks, then about a week (4-5 business days) for delivery in US. No idea about outside US.


Thank you for this information.

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Pureboot, Librem key bundle

Ordered 11/23/2020
No confirmation email
No shipping email

Ordered: Aug 7, 2020
Address Confirmation Email: May 20, 2021
Shipped: June 21, 2021