Delivery times in Continental US

I am thinking of purchasing a Librem 13, but i need to know if it can be delivered by Oct 29th, is that possible?

Maybe if you get in touch with the people in charge of shipping. But I ordered mine on October 7th and there has been no change in shipping status. Still says: “awaiting shipping”.

I’m not in a hurry but it doesn’t look like they will even ship before the maximum deadline they themselves set of 10 business days. I’m a little disappointed. :confused: It really does give the company kind of a bad reputation, which is important when your young and small. I can’t very well recommend it to anyone when it seems they can’t keep up with shipping as posted.

But who knows maybe I’ll get that email tomorrow and it will be exactly 10 days to ship. I’ll post back and let you know.

Also this might just be an iCloud issue but my attempts at contacting anyone by email don’t work. All of the emails get bounced back. If I don’t get some feedback soon I’ll open a new thread here and hope for the best.

But I’m still looking forward to getting my new computer at some point and I love the idea they are selling. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Update: Shipped today. So it takes at least 10 days to ship.