Delivery to EU and import tax / Delivery time?


I’m about to place a order for:

Curious how long it will take to get it delivered to EU going with the best specs I can get? Will i have to pay any import taxes on this or any extra fees?

Thing is i’m going on a long term vacation in around 2-3 months so it did be waist of money by not getting it before I travel.

Seen that people are waiting many months for their product to be delivered i do not want to be one of them.

Disclaimer, the below is just my own customer experience, it answers some of your questions.

Once shipped, that goes via DHL and in my experience (bought 2 L14), it is fast, 3-4 working days.
For import taxes, see
VAT import taxes are payed to DHL, in my case that was online so quite efficient.

As to when your specific order, if placed today, would be shipped, that idk - answering this would be pure speculation. What you want to know is when Purism reaches shipping parity (ie: no more backlog of orders to process, new order fulfilled in 10 working days).

When did you place a order?

I just noticed this

Librem 14 shipping now.
Current lead time: Orders placed today ship in approximately 8 weeks.

Guess it means what it says?

Right, yes, Purism is still processing the backlog of orders.
I had ordered one in October last year and another one in November last year.

You will not only pay the VAT to DHL. You will also pay for the handling of the procedure in customs. In my case for L5 in Greece, I payed 120 € for VAT and 60 € for DHL customs handling.

Purism must try to get a presence in EU.

There is not a way to recieve this faster? or do you always need to wait weeks/months?

Is there any good alternative to Purism? I really like it and want to test it out and Ive looked at system76 and others but again this one seems like the best option the only issue is the shipping takes long time.

You’re not getting it by your trip.

Look into PinePhone.

If you want Coreboot preinstalled the only options are Purism, System76 and Star Labs. Star Labs is in the UK. If you want a custom manufactured Linux notebook (not a Clevo rebranded laptop), the only options are Purism and Star Labs, plus Dell and Lenevo now sell a few Linux models. If you don’t mind a low powered ARM laptop, then check out PINE64 and OLIMEX. If you want to actually help pay for Linux software development, the best choice is Purism, with System76 being a very distant second since it develops firmware and maintains its own distro. Actually there are some pretty nice Chromebooks on the market that run Coreboot, but you need to install your own Linux distro and you might want to check out MrChromebox’s web page.

Librem 14 is a new model and Purism had many preorders, which is why new orders have to wait for so long.

I will happily pay linux privacy development but waiting 8 weeks / months more like a investment to me?