Dell E7270 Intel ME disabled?

Hi all,

I’ve recently opened for an upgrade my E7270 laptop which I bought second-hand about an year ago. I found this sticker inside which says “ME Disabled”.
This made me wonder:

  1. What does this mean? Is it an idea better security-wise?
  2. Why is then the Dell Command Update (their upgrade app) asking me to upgrade Intel ME Components with a new 09.Feb.2021 version (can’t upload 2nd photo since I’m a new user)? Should I do it?

I guess I’ll be buying a Purism in the first moment I have the money but for now I’ll have to stick to this one…

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Does the Qrcode reveal any information?

Nope. At least my phone is unable to read it.
Maybe you can try. Here’s a more detailed photo :

As far I know Intel ME can not be disabled, ME only can be cleaned by erasing some regions, but honestly i dont believe that Dell like cleaning the ME, that sticker may be a trap.

I get the string “CN0G451FC5B0069S06T8A00”. You might try to find out what that means. I don’t know if this is a wise investment of time. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Ask Dell?

What CPU model does the laptop have?

It’s i5-6300u.

In Soviet Russia, it is YOU disabled.

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it’s well documented that Dell ships some devices with the ME HAP bit set in the flash descriptor, which disables the ME. This has been a documented feature of ME cleaner for years now. There’s no reason to believe this sticker is a trap of any kind, particularly if the MEI (HECI) PCI device is not visible to the OS.


So this means it’s completely disabled or not so?

Should I let this update?

depends on what you mean by ‘completely disabled.’

I have no idea what that update entails. But the ME being disabled via the HAP bit is completely separate from any ME firmware or driver update

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First thanks for reply my message, I have not known much about Intel ME for years since I used ME cleaner for my desktop computer 4 years ago, and it is still my main desktop computer.
Anyway, I do not trust Dell computer. Purism is one of the few computer companies that I trust very much in their products. I currently interested in buy a Librem 14 :smiley:

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Sorry for the late reply. Was quite busy.
Well, I mean not being able to function as the backdoor it usually is.

Where can I check if the MEI (HECI) PCI device is visible to the OS?

lspci -nn


If the update is limited to just the Intel ME, I wouldn’t bother upgrading it, but I doubt that the update will reenable the ME. Dell offered to disable the Intel ME for a $21 fee on certain laptops, so Dell would have angry customers if updates enabled something that customers paid to have disabled.


The only similar to this in the list is CSME: HECI #1.

Is that it?

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correct. CSME is the updated name for ME 11+


So that means ME is enabled and that sticker doesn’t mean anything?