Dependency problems installing Cherrytree

Hello, I am new to GNU/Linux and I am unable to install Cherrytree. Is this software not compatible with PureOS? This seems to be the most difficult part of FOSS. We don’t all play by the same rules. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

It seems that cherrytree is being removed from Debian and as such from PureOS.

the problem is:

RoQA; python2-only; depends on pygtk/gtksourceview, deprecated; upstream is rewriting it in C++, so there’s no hope for a py3k port

Building from source will not work with PureOS stable because of a dependency issue.

maybe you could use the flatpack version of the software in the meantime.

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Thank you for the reply. I was worried something like that would be the case.

That works great! Is flat pack free software?

AFAIK yes but there are also flatpaks with closed source software.

Flatpak is a format to distribute applications. Some can be non free software.