Desktop Firefox in Your Pocket with the Librem 5 – Purism

now we wait to see some demos of how it behaves in convergence mode on at least the L5 screen native resolution … preferably 1080p or more

for those of you who need a little hand holding through the configuring-firefox-to-be-more-secure/private i found this > < on LBRY (decentralized p2p > MIT license > copyleft > PERMITS change into copy-RIGHT so maybe watch out if it changes in the future)

it has an app you can install in GNU/Linux but i will not link to it



I thought this was really cool and helps to further demonstrate how you really have desktop Linux in your pocket with the L5. I’ve been enjoying all the new videos purism has been putting out lately!


There is also this good guide from for Firefox;

But be aware that some recommendations there might not fit all use cases and please read what each configuration does to decide if you want it.

Also some of the plugins: NoScript and uMatrix will break functionalities in some websites and you will probably have to whitelist some scripts


This is an awesome news, i hope you will package to let easy for us to install it from pureos store without the need to install and modify using terminal

yes, we probably shouldn’t be using web-sites that “break” when privacy add-ons are installed … hint banking sites mostly … and most of them only offer droid’/iOS Apps for mobile so …

found two articles on pm-blog that are helpful for anybody finding this whole privacy thing only now

it might apply to as well …

edited OP to include the links

Awesome! I’m surprised at how well it works, and am now wondering if Waterfox supports Wayland yet. I can’t wait to get this phone.

I am disappointing that the screen still has rounded corners, as is visible in full-screen browsing. When are those going to be squared again?

For me scrolling was also an issue on the site when using Firefox ESR.

It’s a good improvement, almost usable.