Desktop mode docking station : Keydock

Hey guys,
Just wanted to share with you a project I have been working on lately. It’s a keyboard-docking station to bring a great docking experience for smartphones to use as desktop computers.

As PureOS is one of leading desktop-mode enabled smartphone I think this could interest you.
More pictures on

Let me know what you think ! :smiley:


At a glance, it seems to be mostly aimed at Android phones. Given that the Librem 5 won’t be running Android out of the box, how do you see it working with that?

Also, I think you should have mentioned that your project is a crowdfunding project and that you are looking for backers. That might influence people’s perceptions about it - some people are more interested in collaborative or DIY projects.


Commercial advertising as a first poster is really annoying, but the product itself seems to be promising.

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It’s actually only a USB-C dock inside, so if video over USB-c is supported it should work without issue.

Indeed sorry for spamming, I try to get feedback on the idea to see if enought people would be interested. I thought the most likely place it could interest some people are the communities using desktop mode on smartphones.


It would need to be DisplayPort mode, though. Specs.


It has a VGA and HDMI port, does that mean it’s multi-monitor capable?

Is it better than the Superbook?

I can’t comment on how good theirs is, but they haven’t had a blog post since 2017 and last time I looked into it (~6 months ago), their hardware either a) wasn’t being delivered to customers as promised or b) wasn’t working as advertised

Supports linux , multi USB out for mouse , HDMI , internal speakers ???


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it’s an ANSI keyboard so it’s nice but for me an integrated dock won’t work.
it’s better if it can be modular or external in order to work with anything on the market.

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I dig it . it even has an M.2 dock on the bottom for additional storage . A 1tb keyboard !

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Sort of pointless.
Not really portable enough and does not provide additional screen to justify size.

All the rage right now is portable touchscreen monitors that either provide an additional screen for your laptop/phone on the go.

Also, eventually Samsung Dex will be perfected.

Nice keyboard and idea though, just a little late to the party unless you can add the portable monitors up to a certain size on that thing…

Unfortunatelly no because video over USB-C protocole only support one video output for now. So they can’t work on extended desktop

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It’s actually simpler hardware than Superbook. It’s mostly one keyboard and one USB-C hub put together. As those are relatively standard parts they will be easy to produce in large quantity. I already got a mechanical keyboard factory partner on this project.

I think for Superbook they probably had lot of issues on production. Last time I checked they indeed said they will not be able to deliver last backers. Looks like they’re closing Sentio.

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Okay, so get it and dissassemble it. :wink:

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Really? That’s like saying “this food is disgusting” at a party where people are eating the food. Maybe it’s just pointless for your percieved application.

Samsung DeX looks entirely different. It’s requiring a working PC to host the content in a window on another screen. The thing in this thread is using the mobile device as the PC and is just changing the output device. I’m not saying the DeX idea isn’t going to be great for Samsung customers who are cool with vendor lock-in, it is a cool thing, I’m just saying the device in this post is definitely not pointless.

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Gotcha. I wasn’t trying to imply that yours would follow the same path theirs did, but the reassurance is welcome.

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I think Keydock is bad solution combining devices with different lifetime.
Keyboard, touchpad, mouse, trackball. … monitor, headphones - is wearing interfaces for human and should be replaceable any tome, also if they go out of fashion.
Dockstation - is converter integrated with your mobile device spec (DP or VGA, PS/2 or USB, size of docking groove…) and can extend dives interfaces, usually replaced with device if it not something universal and still not outdated.

merupp: Apologies, pointless for my use case is correct. I only looked at it from a value perspective of likely a small percentage of folks like myself who are obsessed with gadgets and want the biggest bang for the dollar.

Dex does not require a working operating system. Dex requires a phone and any monitor. Currently only being utilized by premium Samsung products S8 and up as they only require a type c to hdmi dongle however, likely more so a beta test before released to every product. It is still a work in progress that has draw backs such as not compatible with very many apps especially streaming apps unless you put it into mirroring mode.

I did sort of not click the link. before making that comment. I literally believed you were connecting the phone to the keyboard and offered all the modern docking station components in the keyboard without improving the screen real estate. Modern day docking stations have come a long way even in the business environment thanks to type c: there is less proprietary refresh demand which saves a decent amount of coin during hardware refresh cycles and whatnot for particular use case scenarios and with thunderbolt touch screen technology works on several portable touch monitors/regular monitors on the market.

This solution is actually fantastic right now for non Samsung phones, especially at your price point if it really does provide a streamlines experience! I actually clicked on the link to find a redeeming quality after realizing I may have been a bit harsh as I do respect the effort required to push innovative products so I typed without filtering my thoughts to be more considerate.

Once again my bad dude, but seriously maybe change the picture to show it turns the phone into a desktop experience without Dex. I can confirm that Dex is not currently capable of streaming in Dex mode for anything other than say Youtube yet has mirroring options and whatnot.

Also, if it is capable of powering the phone and a portable monitor/has a battery built in, I can see where this would also appeal to even more folks.

So good luck and my bad. After the additional review this is leagues better in value than the all in one solution for the librem 5 if the hardware is free of proprietary drivers.

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nah vendor lock-in is too “expensive” for me …

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