Desktop Not Booting

So earlier this evening I installed Pure OS onto my hp laptop. After installing WiFi whilst in the live environment on USB (to make sure I can get it working after installing) and after the Pure OS bar/splash screen I get an error re firmware failed to load. So it won’t boot into a log in screen. I’ve attached a picture for you guys to see what I mean. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Not sure but this could be related to PureOS not supporting UEFI. See this old thread where that is discussed: Pure OS won't run

Thanks for that link, I did come across it on here when I ran a search to see if anyone else had my issue. As I did try and search before posting.

Unfortunately however the advice in there e.g. move mouse, or right key etc whilst the Pure OS bar is loading hasn’t fixed my issue. Pressing the right key has just led to me getting another message on a blank screen (again have attached a pic)

  • I think you will find other discussions in this forum of that specific error.
  • I think it is not an error i.e. yeah, OK, standard Linux expects that firmware module to be present but PureOS excludes that module because the module is “unclean” but the system should still boot without that module.
  • If it is the last error message output before a hang or crash then that error message can therefore be the victim of unwarranted blame, not the cause.

Haven’t resolved the situation, but moved onto another distro. So been using that for the last week and its going well so far :slight_smile: