Details on L1 Mail Please

Is the Librem Mail service just no frills?
Can only send & receive from the ?
No aliases/identities for receiving or sending?
Maximum attachment size?
Disk quota?
Any spam settings?
Anything beyond whatever the e-mail client of choice is capable of?
I’d like to assume mails are encrypted at rest on server?

51200000 bytes i.e. about 50 MB

See also and scroll down to the section on Librem One

1 GiB or 2 GiB depending on tier.

Although that may be bigger that what your recipient can have, if they are also not using L1.

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Yes, that is true. You are limited by the lesser of what your sending server allows and what the recipient’s mail server allows (and, technically, the limit of any intermediate mail server).

I think though that 50 MB is fairly typical and fairly safe. I know my own sending server has that as the configured limit, and I chose that figure after a relatively unrigorous check around of the big boys to make sure that if it fails at all then it fails immediately at my end.

Google ( and Microsoft ( both use 150 MiB (157,286,400 bytes).

Microsoft ( seems to use 47 MiB.

Other domains that I see use 60 MB.

A couple of other domains that I myself frequently send to (not necessarily representative of anyone else) use 30 MB and some even 20 MiB. So I’ve been a bit inconsistent there. :wink:

Just be aware, that my experience of it is its unreliability. I joined up to change my affairs over to Librem but it just didn’t cut it. Endless support couldn’t even really give a reason.
My experience of Librem chat has also been dodgy. Its mostly ok now but for months it was unusable. It worked perfectly until they did their major upgrade but since then even now messages get delayed by hours and some never make it.
Unfortunately the Librem suite for me went from having most of my friends on Librem Chat to a curio now with my wife and one friend with everybody reverting back mostly to signal.
Email was, and still is, unreliable with a " cant reach server" error common no matter what device I’m on or where iI am.
Support can be sluggish and it gets more so as they cant solve things. In the end no solutions were really forthcoming, things just resolved somewhat to the current state.
Others will have different news but for me (with the wrangling of my friends to try and get them to keep the faith, plus support that couldn’t help and messages over weeks and weeks), it been a pain in the arse.

Oof. Are you talking specifically about the Librem client applications or the services themselves? Or both?

Not sure what you mean. Probably the service itself, but Purism would see me as an outlier I’d say. The apps seem to be ok, etc. Getting messages on Librem chat in a timely manner is problematic. Librem email -things again wouldn’t arrive and I’d get error messages such as I noted. I rarely use it, my wife does, but she tolerates things that don’t do as their told way way more than me.
I did persevere for months literally with support on and off trying to get it right. They seem to be stumped by it and I just went cold on it. I’d much prefer things to work.

I mean Librem Chat is a custom branded fork of Element (formally Librem Chat can also be used to describe the Synapse-Matrix chat server they operate and part of the paid service.

It’s possible to use the Librem Chat client app with any Matrix account. It’s also possible to talk to people and join multi-user chatrooms (MUCs) on Purism’s Synapse-Matrix server.

I run my own Synapse-Matrix server and use a variety of chat clients. I haven’t had any issues with lag, really. I’d suggest finding one of the thousands of other servers out there to register on and use the proper Element application. Try things out yourself first before dragging everyone else back into the ecosystem, unless they’re otherwise happy or don’t have the same issues you’ve had.