DHS Security Report: Data Security & Privacy At The OS Level

New blog post: https://puri.sm/posts/dhs-security-report-data-security-privacy-at-the-os-level/

Looks like there’s a markdown error. Some of the links are struckthrough. I only tested the first link but that link definitely works despite being struckthrough.

Now if only I had time to read 125 pages from the Department of Homeland Security regarding their “Study on Mobile Device Security”.

I think the Executive Summary though is: Mobile Device Security sux0rs. It is in a very parlous state.

I would highly recommend not to use the “smart” thing in words of trusted systems like “Librem 5 USA smartphone” from article. Use pocket PC, mobile phone, phone, device or what ever, but make a clear cut to malicious devices. Our desktop PC is also not called “smartcomputer” just because it can connect to internet or because you can attach additional sensors.

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Perhaps the strikethroughs indicate the link has been superseded, not just 100% invalid?