Did anyone consider making an eInk screen edition of the Librem 5?

Did anyone consider making an eInk edition of the Librem 5? That way one would not have to waste power while travelling and still be able to connect to a good color screen back home or the good old Dasung Paperlike 253.

Needles to say for not watching movies, eInk is my favorite way to view computer stuff.


Interesting proposition.
I am myself wondering if some of the evil does not come from expecting too much from Librem 5 at the same time.
Some people want a phone with more control over it. Not necessarily more functionality than phone + e-mail + messengers.
Some people want a general purpose computer in a phone size.
And the question if these 2 groups of interest should be served by one product is reasonable.
Because the general purpose computer is ultra fun, but it makes the battery life miserable and this is very bad for the phone group of users. And I think it is not only because of the display but more because of the hungry CPU.
Have you heard about the Precursor phone?

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Never heard of the precursor phone.

What I need in a portable device is:
email client, w/SMTP on localhost for sending from the client
SMS, I also need iMessage, however this I can do with eSIM, and a MacMini
Regular phone
Calendar that syncs with iCal
Telegram Messenger
Contacts that syncs with MacOS Contacts
ssh client( 95% or so of my work done in vim )
eInk screen

I know all unix / linux with some Apple features.

Hi ggt667,

in that case you could use an E-Ink Device with a Web-Browser, my Pocketbook have one. And i could in future surf by to a Webpage generated by my Librem 5. The Connection could be WLAN, Bluetooth or USB. Yes i could aggregate that kind of Information right now on a another Webpage in my LAN and do the same without Librem 5.

However the Librem 5 is just a privacy Proxy to go. I trust it more and have more power to connect over LTE, WLAN or VPN. And can store synchronized Information better and faster than on the ebook, with just two cores instead of 4 on the Librem5. Plus the ability to program it like a Computer as Hristo already mentioned. I am still looking for a E-Ink Linux Smartwatch in future.

My Pocketbook have a touch Display and limited color too, so it would be fine to display Information from my Librem 5 in less resolution.


My major issue with this phone is that it takes 5 hours to charge and 3 hours 45 min until charging is needed again, hence I would like to have a less power consuming screen on the phone itself.

My fascination with this phone is that it runs linux without putting java between linux and I.