Disable keyboard backlight on the Librem 13

I’m running NixOS on a Librem13v2. Every boot the keyboard backlight resets itself to on. I want it off and I want it to stay off. Has anyone gotten this to work with their own Librem?

The fact that you are not using PureOS makes the answer to your question highly unlikely, but I can tell you that with all the latest updates, PureOS (or the firmware) on 13v3 remembers backlight and other settings when the power cable is plugged in. Otherwise, not. This behavior has varied a lot over the last year as Purism has updated the Librem13 and this may continue.

@taohansen the keyboard backlight is controlled by the EC, and is reset on boot. The OS can override this, so you’ll simply want to set it to do so as part of your boot scripts for whatever OS you’re running. Without hacking the EC, no way of which I’m aware to override this behavior.