Disable power savings on modem / hub

I have been told that the stability issues with the cellular modem on the Librem 5 can largerly be addresed at the expense of power by disabling power savings on the cellular modem and or the hub it is connected to.

Has anyone done this on PureOS? I know that Mobian and PMOS have this built in.

Disabling USB suspend is a really bad idea. USB2642 consumes a lot of power and produces plenty of heat when it doesn’t suspend.

Update your system and check whether you’re still seeing these issues in the first place. I’m not aware of any remaining issues caused by USB suspend.

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thanks dos! I am pretty sure I have the updates. I know Kyle was talking about a solution being integrated that would resolve this. Has this already trickled down to the repos?

Yes, today.

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I haven’t noticed issues like that, so please make sure you’re on an up-to-date system and gather some logs to assess what’s going on there in case it still happens.

I’d say yes.

any kind of usage notes for the new modem patch? Do we need to know anything about it, or should it all just be seemless?

Just wanted to say that an excellent kernel is coming. Seriously excellent performance!! Thanks for all the hard work Purism!!