Disable trackers in an app? Possible? (Android)

So I came across an app with 30 trackers embedded inside the app and the first thing I wanted to know is. Can I disable those somehow? I am on my Samsung Tablet with a VPN. So while hiding my IP address from the app I cannot use NetGuard to block individual addresses, if NetGuard even support that type of blocking. Of course that is only if you buy the Pro version. But cant I just use IP tables instead? Im confused now, dunno.

Then so can XPrivacyLua, block trackers & block analytics. But is it really reliable? Im not an advanced user to analyze network activity from an app. So I wouldnt know for sure. Does it really block trackers?

FYI: I am using XPrivacyLua right now.

How would I go about blocking trackers inside an app that is a reliable way?