Disabling suspend lose the option to re-enable with suspend after 1 minute

Since the phone was auto crashed when suspending I had to disable it in the settings.

After disabling this it is impossible to re-enable it with the same timeout value.

How I disabled

settings -> Power -> Suspend & Power Button -> Automatic Suspend

See that Delay = 1 here

Turn off On Battery Power

Trying to re-enable this gives only the minimal option to suspend after 15 minutes and max 2 hours.

I just opened an os-issue for this

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On gnome a hack would be

dconf write /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/power/sleep-inactive-battery-timeout 60

where the last number is the time in seconds, before it suspends when on battery power. You can use any number greater than 1s. [This will show up in settings, but it vanishes again after you disable it]
Perhaps this will work on your phone.

This whole thing has to be rewritten. On a smartphone you want to decide in seconds or small numbers of minutes when screen turns off, when phone suspends, etc; and one wants to be able to give the time, not to choose from an inappropriate list.

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@pit nice I will try that later today.

Frankly I was about to try gconf-editor.

The command does the same as dconf-editor, just on the commandline.