Disabling the USB Hub during Suspend

I know that the reliability fo waking for incoming calls and sms is linked to this hub being powered during suspend. One annoying by-product of this is that any plugging in or removing of a USB C cable will cause the phone to wake.

I find this behavior to be VERY annoying. I am wondering if I can disable to hub during suspend and am totally ok with not getting calls or SMS (who gets these anymore anyway?).

I would suggest that this feature get added to the mobile settings app as well. This would be something that it would be nice to be able to toggle.

@dos @guido.gunther

Thank you very much for any and all feedback.

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Well I do and that is my only way of communicating while using a cell phone. :studio_microphone: :loud_sound:


That is cool! I’m not dissing it.

There are people who still use horse and buggy as well. To each their own.

I personally just can’t stand the device turning on everytime a usb c cable is plugged in or out.


I recognize the turning on behaviour, but the L5 shutting down when the USB cable is getting removed, I can’t recall (except for the situation when the battery is depleated).
I’ll pay more attention to it when doing so the next time.

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It’s necessary to have the modem be available and ready quickly after resume from system suspend.

This is completely unrelated. The system needs to wake up on USB-C plug events to correctly configure input current limit, so charging can work reliably.


Ok so you performed in that way to fix the USB2.0 Errata issues for modem?
The last testing i did on Librem 5 look like the modem still ON in Suspend, modem look like different behavior like before from suspend.

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This is another completely unrelated matter. There were several fixes that touched USB deployed at about the same time, but were otherwise unrelated to each other.


Thank you. So that sound several improvement between Usb2.0 and Modem like wake up modem Superfast than Monitor Like Android/Linux Phones.

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@dos how did this work before we starting having wake from plug and unplug events. Before there was a time when plugging the cable in or out did not wake the phone.

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Dear 2disbetter i pretty sure that by just connect the usb-c cable the Librem 5 does not wake up, unless that the end-cable is also connected to Another which generates an Event.
Also @dos explained that it was performed in this way to Reliable charging and i guess too to improve Dock Mode Suspend

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It didn’t - it was broken and the limit would stay at 500mA regardless of what got negotiated over PD until woken up manually.


If I am fine with this, could I roll back to that?

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USB-C cables can contain circuit boards and processors.


You can edit the device tree to effectively revert the last commit from https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/linux/-/merge_requests/677.

You’re on your own with this though. Also, what you want is probably letting the phone wakeup and go to suspend soon afterwards without turning the screen on (which is a userspace thing that GNOME controls), rather than doing this kind of dubious kernel behavior changes.