Disappearing Desktop Icons

Good evening,
I received my new Librem15 a few days ago. My system was updated and now my Desktop Icons are no longer able to be seen.

I tried to go into GNOME Tweaks and I did not see the option.

If anyone can help, that will be great.


Hi @steven.ellsworth40 open a terminal window and type

ls -la /home/$USER/Desktop

Can you see them?

Yes, this is a GNOME decision. You can read a bit about it here:

But there is definitely a large number of people who complained about the decision.

I think the command below will restore them if you run in a terminal (Tilix in PureOS):

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons true

Or you can try installing this extension:

My friend, you are the man. I went and used the extension and the icons immediately came back. I really appreicate your help and everyone who may have looked at my post.

Thanks again.

I am coming from Unity on Ubuntu. Its a big of a change for me. I love my new Librem 15. Even at 15.6, its still fairly svelte.

I had a Dell XPS 13, Developer which was preloaded with Ubuntu. I wanted a machine like the Librems that were secure out of the box.

I have had a few minor challenges. It is going to take some time to get used to the touch pad. That being said, this touchpad is miles beyond the crappy one that came with my Dell. I would always set it off with my palms resting even close to the surface. I had to tinker with it for months to make it workable.

This is truly an awesome machine.

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