Disappointed w/ China slams

To be clear, TikTok is ByteDance (in the same sense that Facebook is Meta).

By “too long” I only meant: too long to get a Like - because the more ideas you throw in, the more likely I will agree with some ideas and disagree with others.

I imagine you’re asking me, the OP. If that is correct, I was, as stated in the OP, browsing around Puri

and from what I read in Rex M. Lee articles/news article.

It went from being a observation and opinion to an opportunity for China bashing.

I intend never to have a opinion here. Never point out what I think is injurious to the Puri name, and stick to technical question after I have searched it out elsewhere, and Googled it (whatever that is), and wandered around the wki, docs, and Topics. Then I’ll risk a question.

Hope that helps
Edited typo ‘ex’ to “Rex”

Well, I could nitpick and point out that many blog posts get “replicated” in this forum. So while someone could ultimately object to the blog post, and may have read it independently of the forum, it is “in” the forum - and it’s all “Purism”.

I didn’t have a problem with calling this “Site Feedback”, even though it is really about blog posts.

Didn’t realize it was a reference to a purism blog post.

Not bashing. It is called the truth. You have a dictator.

What is good about tolerance? It’s hate hidden in “but I don’t show you”. Acceptance is the right word. :wink: Sorry for further OT.

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“Tolerance” is bad if it is toleration of bad things. Of course “good” and “bad” may be subjective judgements - and any two people may not agree.

Hah, even “acceptance” comes in shades of meaning from “grudging acceptance” to “gleeful acceptance”.

I also noticed Purism’s pro USA and anti China focus, and do not like this aspect of Purism’s marketing. I think arguments should be expressed by mentioning what they are really about, like hyper capitalism, state surveillance, surveillance capitalism, freedom, workers rights, fair trade, pollution, independence, digital sovereignty, and privacy. It is not about the nations.
Actually, I would like to see more focus on people and the planet like Fairphone has.

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Tolerance is to preserve freedom, but acceptance is able to build bridges and makes it more hard to destroy the preserved freedom. People don’t need to love each other but should stay in dialogue. And therefor acceptance is the better way to go. Just my opinion.


Does China allow freedom of speech?

Does China have the most CO2 emissions? More then the entire world combined? Is it building more coal plants?

Does China allow people to have freedom of privacy?

Many of the principals that have allowed open source to even exist is not because of China.

China openly breaks licenses and allows its citizens to break those laws. We have blatant knock offs and intellectual property theft.

The only companies able to survive in China are the huge companies like Nvidia because it costs so much at fabs, but now even that may soon be changing with all the countries taking a higher stance on making their own electronics locally.

Especially since Taiwan aggression has started from China.

As long as it is not against something China- or government related. In other countries you aren’t even allowed to speak about so many normal things like homosexuals. Also (as long as you’re pure Chinese) they get not killed or prisioned for decades just for speaking out the wrong. With a public “sorry” they can get their life back. I really hate like all this, but they’re sadly not the worst.
And in USA people get also prisioned for so many stupid reasons. How much people sit inside a prison right now? In China I bet, should be less.

In total numbers yes. In numbers per person nope. Germany has 2 times more emission per person then China. USA was even worse if I remember right. So what would be if Germany or USA would have over 1mrd people?
And China does a lot against CO2, because they will be affected very hard by climate warming. The only problem is, that China also wants to become nation #1 in the world and therefor they increase productions as much as they can, which works in the opposite direction. However, USA also makes stupid things like fracking oil and gas (and even shipping over ocean to produce more CO2).

Does USA has? Wasn’t there a law that NSA has directly data pipelines into companies?

China has enough money to create big companies like NVidia. Why are they as bad as they’re in producing micro chips? Because they’re working extremely inefficient on such projects. Instead of one big project they start 100 little projects (initialized from different cities) and so their process is as bad as a big German project (like building an airport or main train station). :sweat_smile:

I’m with you in many points, but you’re just speaking about one side and forgetting the other one. China and USA also have good things. So don’t think about me I’m China and USA hater. I just speak about some facts and also would do against Europa (where I’m living).

I have been over this with people before.

Just because you speak about one thing doesn’t mean you have to enumerate all possible situations.

If purism is a USA company then obviously they are speaking from their perspective and are trying to build something with their values. China obviously doesn’t have the same values.

If you are Chinese and you want to fix your country then do the same thing, but you clearly don’t want to fix your country you want to make excuses.

Germany is pretty dumb for closing down all their nuclear plants and then burning coal, but many people in the USA already told them this.

Most the garbage in the ocean comes from Asia. Most the CO2 comes from Asia.

I wasn’t speaking with Purism, I was speaking with you. Some posts before I already told that I can understand why Purism doesn’t speak in such negative way about USA and that I don’t care so much about it, even if Sharon has a point about this.

However, I want to deny your last 3 sentence.

First of all Germany. It was the only right option to close all nuclear plants in many ways.

  1. We need to go away from all fossil energies.
  2. We produced 4% of our energy with nuclear energy.
  3. We would have to wait 1 year to get new nuclear elements, maintain a lot (huge additional costs) since the companies maintained just enough to shut down it right now.
  4. We export even now more energy than we import. Imports come from north with high renewable energies and we export to France with mostly nuclear energy.
  5. Renewable energies are much less expensive.
  6. France has so many problems with their nuclear plants
    • heating the rivers
    • can’t cool nuclear plants enough in summer
    • nuclear waste gets a huge problems for the next 10 years (own authorities speak about "we may have to shut down some in next few years, because we have no plan what to do with all that burned nuclear elements)
    • more expensive energy
    • prevents from building more renewable energies
  7. (Edit:) Our gas from Russia told why we should get rid of from fossil dependencies.

And so on. Sorry, in that topic I’m more informed as other peoples (even here locally). I also know stupid decisions about energy in Germany, but especially this was none. :wink:

And about garbage in the ocean. Do you know what happens with your garbage? I bet not. All the west industry nations have really big problems about. Asbestos ships that we should disassemble professional kill other people around the world because they don’t know what asbestos does to their health. Nuclear submarines in the North-Atlantic that begins to break next to the coasts. A lot of German waste that gets found around the world on mass, even if we people put our waste in the right garbage can. It’s all about amounts where it doesn’t care who made more, because all do a way too much.

Also why would someone say “most CO2 comes from China” if the only reason we’re better in total amount is, that we have less people and else we would be twice as bad? In total amount you’re right, in relative amount you’re wrong.

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Per capita doesn’t matter

It matters a lot since it told us how much more we have to do to get zero emission compared to China.

It doesn’t matter because you can’t use per capita as a shield.

Let’s make an example
We do something to reduce 1% emission and China does same with same effect, they will reduce more total amount with same effort. At the end they reduced with same effort 100% while we reduced just 50% of our CO2.

It’s no additional task, it’s an percentage (multiplication) task.

(And yes, my math was over simplified.)

I don’t need you to explain math.

Listen just because you have a ton of people in your country doesn’t mean you can pollute a ton.

I never said so. But I always see in public discussions, that this is a reason for us not to do more against CO2, “because China is worse”. No, we’re worse, we’re just less. And yeah, that’s the good thing about us, that we’re less. But that makes it not better what we’re doing.


I have no kids and I don’t want any since I’m not sure in what world they would life in 50 years. Even if I like kids.