Disconnect WiFi vs. "Turn Off"

PureOS on Librem 13

Is there a means to disconnect from a WiFi connection without using “Turn Off”->Airplane Mode->“Turn On”? Perhaps it is obvious to others, but I have been unable to find the incantation or an answer to this question.

Thank you.

I don’t know of a way to disconnect without turning Wifi off. I think the assumption is that if you want to disconnect from a network and not join another, then you don’t really want WiFi on anyway, so just turn it off.

In case there are additional things you’re trying to do:

If you want to switch networks, you should click the wifi icon at the top right of the screen, then click the wifi network in the drop down menu, and choose “Select Network.”

And if you want to forget a network so that you don’t automatically connect to it in the future, you can click the WiFi icon in the top right, then the Wifi network in the drop-down menu, then “WiFi Settings”. In the new window that should open, you can click the gear icon next to the name of the network you want to forget, and then click “Forget Connection” under the “Details” tab.

I appreciate your response; I am just used to the ‘disconnect’ behavior I described on my old platform.

I have had my Librem less than a week–I love it so far!–and I thought I was overlooking something.

Please try this Gnome Extension

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Thanks. This is what I had in mind, though I need to understand how gnome-extensions work before installing. (When I used Linux-based systems before, I always disabled the GUI or changed to KDE, so Gnome is new to me.)

Update: I did install this extension after taking a closer look. (Manually. I know PureBrowser has the browser plug-in to install it, but I find that capability unsettling.) It is the function for which I was looking.

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