[Discussion] Framasoft and Librem 5

Description: Framasoft and Librem 5

Framasoft contains a huge suite of services and applications that utilize free software.
Most of which would hugely benefit the Librem 5.
TL;DR Has anyone tested to make sure their software works on the Librem 5?

Notice: Framasoft is largely written in french.
English translations ranges from ok to greatly needed.

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They run web services, you only need a web browser to use it.


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Hello, for your information, Framasoft has announced that they would gradually close many of their services (30 out of 38) sadly.
If you use a lot of some services that may be closed, I suggest you to check for an alternative.

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Is a lot of the Framasoft software stuff that people could run privately too like Mastodon servers?

If I recall correctly, they support desktop web applications.
I believe this is what OP was talking about.

What do you call “desktop web application”?
The list of framasorft services is on the blog post I gave earlier.

I believe Internet Explorer does something similar now as well.

Note: I am assuming this is what OP meant.

GNOME browser on Librem5 already support PWA.
We can twitter PWA in the chairman’s demo video.