[Discussion] Lineage OS Support


Discussion: Adding Lineage OS Support to the Librem 5

Especially at the beginning, many users might want to run Android.
Lineage OS being based on Android provides many benefits.
Is Purism looking into supporting Lineage OS.

I personally, would be very tempted to run LineageOS or Replicant if it was supported.


I don’t think it’s Purism’s job to support LineageOS. You should ask LineageOS developers if they plan to support the Librem 5 hardware.


Some device developers do add support by the manufacturer, these can then be adopted by LineageOS and made official or continue to be supported by a third party (or be discontinued)

Please correct if wrong, but most chats/forums/communities condemn/remove any device support request.
I may see if I can find one but, it would be significantly better if Purism could contact them, being the manufacturer.

I would also like to note that although I might not have the technical experience, if someone does and is willing to donate their time in order to support LineageOS it would be greatly appreciated.

@TheMountainSquirrel :v: