[Discussion] Lineage OS Support

Discussion: Adding Lineage OS Support to the Librem 5

Especially at the beginning, many users might want to run Android.
Lineage OS being based on Android provides many benefits.
Is Purism looking into supporting Lineage OS.

I personally, would be very tempted to run LineageOS or Replicant if it was supported.


I don’t think it’s Purism’s job to support LineageOS. You should ask LineageOS developers if they plan to support the Librem 5 hardware.


Some device developers do add support by the manufacturer, these can then be adopted by LineageOS and made official or continue to be supported by a third party (or be discontinued)

Please correct if wrong, but most chats/forums/communities condemn/remove any device support request.
I may see if I can find one but, it would be significantly better if Purism could contact them, being the manufacturer.

I would also like to note that although I might not have the technical experience, if someone does and is willing to donate their time in order to support LineageOS it would be greatly appreciated.

@TheMountainSquirrel :v:


Any new news on this?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that you would need current Android drivers for that. However, I doubt they are available for the iMX.8 platform.

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The drivers are for Linux and open source, so even if Android (which also uses the Linux kernel) needs special drivers for some reason, they could be ported over much more easily than it otherwise would be to do so.

Yes, but still someone has to do all this work. To give an example: There are many nice SbCs with good Linux mainline support but there are no recent Android versions for them.