Disk Space Difference

Why are these different?
And i am getting low disk space errors as well but usage is showing 30% free

Are you using a SD card or any external storage?

I have an sd card but this should be reading the main disk

But I don’t see any other explanation than that. What size is your SD card? I think they be will calculated together.

And your “low space” error comes from main disc. It has 4GB free.

I know that

64 GB

Hmm, should be 3 times that amount. At least your 2nd screenshot says so. Maybe a bug that counts SD multiple times? Not sure why it should be, but I have no better idea right now. Have you tried to reboot your phone or to open this app without SD in phone?

This is after a reboot:

The funny thing is in the 3rd screenshot disk image writer
This is without the SD card: