Display quality

Hi everybody,

to everyone who owns a development kit - how would you rate the screen quality? I could not find any shots of it on the Matrix chat, but I would like to get an impression. At least I assume the currently built screen will most likely be the final one.

Best regards

The screen on the development board is not functional as shipped – see the known issues page. I believe that the final screen will be different, but I can’t remember if a definitive announcement about that has been made.

Thanks for that information. Then let’s hope it’s gonna be a better one.

Indeed. I think we’re all hoping for that. :smile:

And, if it isn’t a better one, provide a way for us to tweak the UI to use the full resolution of the screen, rather than the pixel multiplying that is currently planned. I like to use a high res screen, for as much longer as my eyes will allow. (Which may not be much longer… But, still!)

the known issue list doesnt reflect all issues with the dev board - the display isnt the only one (while i dont have any ssh problems).

its said that the problem is a software problem only so no need to get a “better one” in the final product because of that.

currently i have no clue about the quality of the display, probably its fine, displays are rated by contrast capabilities (distance from black to white level) and i can tell the black level is achieved incredibly good so far, we only wait for the other end :wink: